Alumni Reunion

It’s always tricky when it comes to reunions. Meeting people after so long has always been awkward – seeing all those old faces and forgetting half their names. Why would someone want to stand in an empty veranda just focusing on their drinks and thinking what should we talk next, when you could make a group paintball booking at Delta9 Advantures instead?

Here are few reasons why you should consider an Alumni Reunion with Delta9 Advantures

Paintball Cuts Out The Awkward & Unnecessary Pleasantries!

It’s been years since we’ve been in school, so probably you are just gonna get to hear everybody’s boring day to day life stories about their kids and hectic schedules at job when all you were expecting at a reunion is good laugh and a few drinks. So paintball not only cuts out these boring chats but also helps you to remember everyone’s names (as you taint them with paintballs, of course!).

You Can Get Some Devious Retribution!

Now lets face it, we all had that one or two person at school we didn’t get on with. A day at Delta9 Advantures will not only allow you to socialize with your old pals, but it’ll also give you a chance to fire some paintballs in the direction of your school enemy without even questioning a thing! It’s all friendly and fun after all.

Great For Post Paintball Conversation

If you were worried you wouldn’t have anything to talk about before battle, then it is pretty much assured you will have a good talk after the game’s over. So say goodbye to the ordinary ‘So I am married now’ and say hello to ‘Did you see that shot?’